Chloe is a born creator. 

The emerging Toronto-based artist has been evolving her signature abstract style since 2017. Creating pieces to share with the world is her source of energy and where she goes to find meaning and purpose. 

It is through the act of creating her pieces that Chloe channels and explores her own lived experiences and personal truths, she sees her work as a mix between chaos and order. She creates the order through choosing the colours, but the chaotic aspect plays out in how the paints ebb and flow together in ways that are not always predictable . The result is a Chloe Lamarche original; a colourful contribution for any home, a visual commemoration, and a  physical manifestation of her bold point of view.  

Chloe has been named an “Artist to watch” within the Toronto Artist community. She has been featured in a number of podcasts and creative panels including RAW Canada and other art fairs across the GTA. 

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Stay Weird. Stay Wild. ♥︎

History Timeline
August 2020
Residency at The Healing Market August 2020 ♾️

July 2020
Residency at Broadview Espresso July 2020

July 2019
Residency at Saulter Street Brewery August 2019

November 2018
York Region x United Way Art of Giving Charity Auction

April 2019
Love Toronto Artist Meetup - Panel Speaker

Shared insight on creative development and process

November 2018
86Excuses Showcase at Wenona Craft Beer Bar

November 2018
Black Canary Coffee Shop Gallery Residence