Chloe Lamarche - Local Artist Toronto

My Story.

Chloe is a contemporary visual artist recognized for her innovative approach to transforming found objects into vibrant abstract artworks, all while championing the ethos of sustainability and minimal waste. Hailing from Toronto, she interested in art and creative projects from a young age. And despite taking a detour to earning a degree in Social Economy from York University, her innate passion for art eventually beckoned her back to the canvas prompting a profound reconnection with her identity as an artist.

Central to her artistic practice are themes of environmentalism, compelling viewers to reconsider the potential inherent in every object, no matter how humble, through a fresh lens. By imbuing discarded materials with new life and beauty, Chloe prompts a dialogue on resourcefulness and the imperative of sustainable living. Her work serves as a catalyst for action, inspiring individuals to safeguard our planet and cultivate empathy for our global community. Through her art, she endeavors to create a world that is not only aesthetically enriching but also ethically responsible, fostering a legacy of positive change and inspiration

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History Timeline
July 2022
Residency @ Society Clubhouse (July 2022- ONGOING)

July 2022
Residency at One Plant Kensington (July-Oct. 2022)

September 2021
Residency at Full of Beans Roastery (Sept. 2021-Jan. 2022)

July 2021
Residency at Starving Artist (Danforth) July/August 2021

June 2021
Residency at Broadview Espresso June 2021

August 2020
Residency at The Healing Market August 2020 ♾️

July 2020
Residency at Broadview Espresso July 2020

July 2019
Residency at Saulter Street Brewery August 2019

November 2018
York Region x United Way Art of Giving Charity Auction

April 2019
Love Toronto Artist Meetup - Panel Speaker

Shared insight on creative development and process

November 2018
86Excuses Showcase at Wenona Craft Beer Bar

November 2018
Black Canary Coffee Shop Gallery Residence